Our Instructors



Ivy Prep’s instructors are professionals with expertise in a range of subject matters, in psychology and in education. Most possess Masters level training in education or psychology, and many hold Ph.D. degrees. They are also expert in specific course content areas and in preparing students for standardized school entrance exams.

The Ivy Prep instructors are led by Dr. Rebecca Mannis, who has over 35 years of experience consulting with students, schools and families on how to optimize learning and overcome learning disabilities. Dr. Mannis consults with the instructors and students on an ongoing basis about the implementation of each student’s educational plan.

Ivy Prep’s instructors have expertise in the following areas:

  • Pre-Academic Skills Development
  • Beginning Reading Instruction
  • Preparing for Standardized Entrance and Placement Exams
  • Organization, Executive Functions, and Time Management
  • Higher-Order Reading and Writing Strategies
  • Study Skills
  • Memory Strategies
  • Note-Taking Techniques
  • Foreign Language Learning
  • Mathematics Skills Development
  • All Subject Areas from Middle School through Graduate School Levels
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