Dr. Mannis offers customized consulting services to educational institutions, organizations and corporations. They have included consultation for specific Fortune 100 or media companies for the purpose of staff development for individuals or at the departmental level. These consultations can clarify specific goals or challenges that the program aims to reach and methods and materials that can be used to reach those goals. Here are some examples of consultations that Dr. Mannis has provided for the past 35 years:

Educational Wellness and Checkup 

– Customized individual remediation of writing skills for a Vice President of a Fortune 100 company who was diagnosed as Dyslexic when he was unable to produce e-mail and written memos to communicate as a requirement of an organization management system initiated by a management consultant team. Dr. Mannis assisted the corporation in developing this key executive’s reading and written communication skills, in determining what elements of communication could better be provided via support staff and how to modify the management system so that the executive’s expertise and time could be best used to advance the goals of his job description and the company.

– Staff development workshop for a Rabbinical Ordination program to guide professors and mentors in methods of instructing and supervising their capable adult students and degree candidates with learning and attention deficits.

– Private customized remediation for a staff support member of a media corporation so that he could develop basic literacy skills as part of the corporation’s higher education requirement. This six-month immersion was designed and implemented as an individualized method of attaining the company’s general ongoing education requirement and as a method of advancing the staff member’s workplace skills and basic literacy for personal and professional development.

– Parenting and Study Skills/Executive Functions Development workshops for Parent Associations of many Independent Schools and Special Education programs.

– Consultation to the incoming Headmistress of the Lower School of a Metropolitan – area Jewish Day School in drawing upon curriculum goals and methods of Independent Schools in Manhattan and boarding schools in New York and New England. Dr. Mannis’ input and knowledge of varied curricula was used to adapt the existing program and to integrate those models in developing a curriculum guide for its parent body, classroom faculty and resource room staff members.

– Monthly on-site, full-day consultation to a Nassau County parochial school in developing a resource room program and in advisement of the parent body about learning and school district advocacy issues, and well as assistance in developing a network of appropriate specialists for local referrals.

-Consultation to School Districts: Concussion and Brain Injury

– Consultation to specific public schools in developing an appropriate Individualized Education Plan for a student who is intellectually gifted with a learning disability. Dr. Mannis consults to the resource room specialists and director of special education in methods of using metacognitive and high-tech tools to teach this student how to develop reading comprehension and expository writing strategies in a Least Restrictive Environment (LRE).

– Consultation to The Making Headway Foundation and its parent body in developing appropriate Individualized Education Plans (IEP), customized intervention programs, and appropriate Section 504 accommodations for children with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) subsequent to diagnosis and treatment for brain tumors.

– Parent development for the Parent Association of the Hebrew Academy of Nassau County (HANC) annual Elizabeth Bass Golding Memorial Lecture Series in 2003. Dr. Mannis topic was “The Self-Aware Child: Strategies for Organization in a Fast-Paced World.”

– Brain Trust Series events can be found here.

– Development and presentation of the Road Maps for Learning program, a nine-hour training workshops for educators. The New York City Department of Education and the Bank Street College of Education commissioned Dr. Mannis and her colleague. Professor Patricia Weiner, to develop this workshop and to provide intensive training to its top 250 special educators (Instructional Support Specialists) in 2004. The Road Maps for Learning workshop provides a rubric for traditional and high-tech methods and materials for use in reading, math, and content-area instruction for students with diverse learning styles in the lower and upper-school grades. Dr. Mannis and Professor Weiner also developed and published a 100-page training and Workshop Manual to accompany this intensive workshop, and this program was then disseminated by the participants to teachers throughout all five boroughs and all regions of the New York City Department of Education.

– Consultation to all levels of staff of The Prudential Securities Corporation as part of its 2002 “Family and Work Week”, where Dr. Mannis presented and offered specific strategies for developing executive functions at the workplace and in the home.

For a list of Dr. Mannis’ recent workshops and presentations, please visit the Ivy Connections. 

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