Road Map for Learning


Dr. Mannis’ model of a Road Map for Learning incorporates an understanding of intellectual and reasoning ability, language skills, visual-spatial and visual-motor abilities, gross motor development, attention, memory and executive functions, current academic achievement level, and emotional development as these factors impacts on a student’s experience in a particular school or professional environment.

We use the information about an individual’s learning style and specific goals to develop a Road Map for Learning. This road map incorporates specific materials, instructional methods and strategies the student can practice between sessions to optimize learning and workplace goals. Ivy Prep’s faculty is devoted to strengthening skills and strategies while also helping students better understand how they learn. Teacher and student discussion of strategies that were successful facilitates development of metacognitive awareness, or a greater understanding of what helps or hinders achievement.

Dr. Mannis directly consults with each student and family in using the Road Map for Learning to develop a personalized Education Action Plan. She and her instructors then use that information as the basis for developing lesson plans at Ivy Prep Learning Center.

Dr. Mannis’ methodology bridges disciplines to help students become more effective and efficient learners. Click here for Ivy Prep success stories.

While the Road Map for Learning helps define how a student learns and what methods or materials optimize a given style, other considerations are factored into the Education Action Plan. A student may be a candidate for extended time on academic tests or other testing and classroom accommodations. Further consultation with related specialists may be recommended as part of further refining an understanding of how to attain specific goals. Similarly, the Education Action Plan can include further consultation to schools or investigation of other schools or professional goals that may better suit a student’s specific learning style.

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