The Education Action Plan

Action Road

At Ivy Prep, Dr. Mannis meets with students (and their parents) to develop a targeted “Education Action Plan.” In order to implement this plan, Dr. Mannis integrates the findings from her consultation and creates an individualized Roadmap for Learning to attain each student’s particular goals. This plan helps students chart a course that advances them from “smart” to “successful.” 

This plan encompasses:

  • Initial remediation goals and methodologies
  • Supplementary materials for home use
  • Appropriate educational technology
  • Methods of integrating with school or other specialists
  • Consultation with a wide network of professionals with related expertise
  • Accommodations for classroom, workplace and testing.

Dr. Mannis refines the goals and methodologies of the Targeted Education Plan of Action as students advance at Ivy Prep. She meets and consults regularly with instructors, parents, school and referring specialists to optimize the educational experience of each student. Her expertise and directed style of integration ensures that the individual strengths and needs of each Ivy Prep student are addressed in ways that are both timely and dynamic.

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