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Ivy Prep places the student at the center of its educational wellness model and provides students, parents, school faculty and related specialists with expertise, tools and a cohesive Education Action Plan that tends to the total individual. We provide information and a full range of services under one roof for achieving total educational wellness for academic and professional success. Our established relationships with the New York (and Tri-State area) private schools, clinical psychologists, and neuropsychologists provide access for the total care you need. Our professional relationships with colleagues in related areas include college consultants, physicians, education attorneys and specific intervention specialists such as speech-language or occupational and physical therapists. We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive and collaborative approach that partners our expertise and methodology with the work of other noted experts.

In order for a student to transfer methods on his own, he needs to understand how he learns best and how to work effectively on his own at home and at school. Education Researchers refer to this ability as “metacognitive awareness”, and it is the critical difference between merely learning facts and “learning to learn”.

We help our students understand the challenges they face and to uncover hidden challenges that are holding them back from total success in learning. Whether it is helping you understand a pre-diagnosed conditioned, linking testing reports to educational practice, providing strategies for parents and school faculty or working with the Department of Education to develop an appropriate intervention plan, Ivy Prep is available to address the range of educational and workplace issues that arise across a student’s academic or professional career. Ivy Prep offers comprehensive specialized services and consultations to custom-design and implement an Education Action Plan. Our expertise in individual learning styles can help demystify testing reports and diagnoses and use that information to create a Road Map for Learning. We are available to customize programs that balance instructional support with enrichment.

At Ivy Prep you will find expert and experienced professionals who are ready to develop an Education Action Plan for your specific goals. We have over 30 years of experience customizing strategies for learning with bright students who have ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Language-based or Non-Verbal learning challenges. We coordinate the necessary program to build the proper action plan for each student. We pride ourselves on our customized and comprehensive Educational Wellness Program.

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