Who We Are

The Ivy Prep Learning Center offers individualized instruction and enrichment to children and adults with learning difficulties. We analyze, assess and identify individual needs, help develop a cohesive Education Action Plan, and then put that plan into action.

Ivy Prep differs from other learning centers – We treat the total individual and collaborate with others to attain each student’s goals. Students of all ages can develop strategies to address school and workplace challenges. Our methodology consists of educating students according to their nature, whether they are intellectually gifted or specifically challenged with a learning issue. Ivy Prep students learn how to internalize the strategies that suit them best so that they can advance at home and at school with independence.

Our students achieve their learning goals with one-on-one remediation and individualized instruction using course materials, traditional print media, and advanced and customized educational technology. Our instructors individualize methods and materials to fit each student’s learning style and the curriculum of each student’s school.

What Makes Us Different:

  • Expert instructors, most of whom have a minimum of Masters’ level graduate training
  • Ongoing coordination, integration and consultation with Dr. Rebecca Mannis
  • Customized instruction to match the individual student’s learning style, school and specific goals
  • Thirty-plus years’ experience teaching students from competitive Independent and Specialized Public Schools
  • Expertise at linking mastery of subject matter and development of study skills
  • Flexibility in methods and materials we use
  • Ability to teach computer software along with school content
  • Success at advancing students within current school’s tracking system or in transferring to more rigorous schools
  • Constant communication with parents and other professionals
  • Track record – Students have been admitted to a variety of exclusive schools (Click to see list of schools)
  • Opportunity for office-based, off-site, and online sessions
  • Reinforcement between sessions with e-mail or phone support
  • Highly structured methods that ensure success
  • Coordinated care between associates at the center for students who participate in multiple sessions
  • A friendly staff and modern center based conveniently in Manhattan’s Upper East Side

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