Tutoring & Individualized Instruction

By middle school, students are typically expected to learn how to negotiate a departmentalized curriculum in which they learn a range of subject matter. This content is often taught by instructors who are more familiar with specific course content (whether Literature, World History or Chemistry) than with how to introduce and reinforce this material toward the diverse learning styles of individual students. This can particularly cause an instructional gap for bright students in accelerated programs who have specific learning problems.

We are available with content tutors who are ready to preview, reinforce and review the full range of course material with a sensitivity toward bridging a specific student’s learning style with the educational methodology and expectations of that student’s school.

Here are a few examples of how we bridge content area instruction and individualized strategy development:

  • Our teachers are skilled at assisting a student with memory difficulties in developing strategies for understanding and memorizing Biology content.
  • We are expert at mentoring children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in appreciating nuances of The United States Constitution and how to cue themselves on exams so that their essay or multiple-choice test performance reflects an appreciation for the nuances of this document.
  • We are experienced at cueing bright Upper School students with Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities (NLD) at methods of anticipating test questions that will require them to extrapolate from the concepts and algorithms introduced in a Pre-Calculus class or Physics class so that they can approach information in a new format with an understanding of linking the new testing style to what had been previously introduced in class.These are just a few examples of how we surpass other tutors and learning centers. Our expert teachers use the Road Map for Learning to customize content and strategies to a specific student’s learning style in real time.



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