At Ivy Prep, we are dedicated to addressing the total educational needs of our students using a combination of traditional print materials and high-tech tools. As part of our Education Action Plan, we teach our students how to determine what tools for learning are best suited for the specific assignments or priorities they have. Our instructors integrate educational technology with our unique approach of honing strategies and skills. We evaluate what forms of technology can be used for individual learning and workplace goals.

Our strategy is based on combining the use of technology and print materials to educate people according to their nature, whether they are highly gifted or have a particular learning challenge. As our students practice using these methods and materials, they develop the ability to determine which ones are most appropriate to implement on subsequent work. This methodology provides students with a comprehensive range of tools they can draw upon for success across a range of goals and settings.

Educational Technology is a powerful tool that can be used throughout the school years and across content areas to complement traditional educational materials. We encourage our students to integrate the software they learn to use at Ivy Prep for home use. Computers are available for all our students to use. Consultation for appropriate home computer software is an important part of our program. All instructors are technology-savvy and use educational software as part of the Education Action Plan.

In 2007 we expanded our center to provide additional space as a structured setting for students to work independently. Our new state-of-the-art, supportive and friendly center enables students to practice and strengthen strategies learned in their instructional sessions.

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