submitted an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court

“When we brought our son to you he was about to repeat first grade and he could not read or write. He was discouraged, frustrated, and scared. This week he submitted an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court. Your sophisticated remediation, your supportive teaching, and your unwavering belief in his abilities made all the difference in the world to him and to us. Thank you, Rebecca.”

the SAT results were frankly astounding

My twin daughters are juniors at a New York City public high school. The girls took an SAT review class with one of the major commercial test prep providers.  Despite attending each class and completing all
the homework, we saw little to  no progress in their scores. The talented team at Ivy Prep, with Dr. Mannis at the helm, took the time to really understand each girl’s learning style and needs.  The results were, frankly, astounding.  We saw a 150-200 point improvement on their first official SAT into the 1400s and 1500s. They approached the test with confidence and armed with learning strategies that will serve them well in high school and beyond.  Thank you Ivy Prep!

Mother of Twin Girls,
Selective Manhattan public high school

5 Stars

Twenty one years- That’s how long I have known Dr Rebecca Mannis. In 1996 when my 4th grade son was struggling in school after having surgery for a brain tumor while in first grade, I was blessed to meet Dr. Rebecca Mannis. She expertly and caringly helped B learn how to learn, how to express himself and gain courage, how to succeed in learning new information and tasks from fourth grade through college and beyond. B is now a happily married dad, dentist, and graduate of an Ivy League professional school. Both he and I will attest to the fact that he wouldn’t have gotten this far if not for Dr. Rebecca Mannis.  She came to his private school, explained what B needed and why, and navigated the way for him every year. She gave him confidence to handle new situations, even when the school said it would be impossible for him to handle the curriculum.

Dr. Rebecca Mannis did such a fabulous job with B, that when my granddaughter was having difficulty with school, I immediately asked my children to bring G to her.  However, they wanted to go to a local person, and they actually went to five (!) professional educational specialists, before admitting that their daughter was not learning anything. Again, Dr. Rebecca Mannis performed miracles.  Within 4 months of intensive help, G has gone from being a 3rd grade student who couldn’t read, to a stellar student who is already out of the resource room. Her attitude towards school and reading is very positive, and she talks about Rebecca like she is her BFF. She actually looks forward to the time they work together.

guidance in grade 1 ensured college test accommodations

“My son was screened and provided services by Dr.Rebecca Mannis at Ivy Prep when he was in the first grade. He was very slow to develop his reading skills and was anxious as a result. Rebecca was thoughtful and encouraging at a time that was extremely stressful for me as a parent. She urged me to begin forming a paper trail in order to document my son’s reading delay. It was the best advice given to me to date. Not only did Max benefit from the services provided at Ivy Prep, but the paper trail was essential in helping him down the road. Currently, my son is a junior in high school. He is extremely bright and does very well in school. However, he still performs at a slower reading pace when under time pressure and this effects his performance on standardized tests. On account of this paper trail that Rebecca suggested we create, he has been accommodated to meet his needs in high school. I highly recommend Rebecca Mannis and Ivy Prep as they provide the highest level of service and care for a child’s educational needs.”

Mother, Dyslexic Gifted 11th Grade Boy

the perfect match

“Picking a school for our daughter, who is gifted in many ways and challenged in others, was overwhelming. We had plenty information, but not the information we really needed. Rebecca really helped us understand our daughter’s neuropsychiatric evaluation and gave us invaluable insights into the support and hurdles she’d find at schools across the city. We ended up loving and with her gaining admission to the exact school Rebecca advised was the perfect match. We’re so glad we had Dr. Mannis in our corner.”

Dr. L,
Mother of Eight Grade Girl, Progressive Upper West Side Independent School

an unusually talented, multifaceted learning specialist

“I refer students to Dr. Mannis and the Ivy Prep Learning Center because I know that they will receive individualized, targeted, goal-oriented remediation based on their cognitive and learning profiles. Dr. Mannis is an unusually talented, multifaceted learning specialist who uses her overlapping areas of expertise – child development, cognition and remediation, to design and implement highly effective remediation plans for her students”.

Robin Forman, PhD.,
Clinical Psychologist Neuropsychologist

a top notch experience, a 700+ score

“Ivy Prep helped deliver a superior result prepping our 10th grader for the SAT2 in Bio at many levels. Firstly, Dr. Mannis invested so much time and energy in ‘getting’ his learning style and finding exactly the right method and style to motivate him. We always appreciated her honest assessments of where he was in the process. Whether in person or via Skype, his time learning at Ivy Prep was maximized. His tutor had a wonderful rapport with him and was able to impart both depth of knowledge in the subject and learning methods to absorb it all – all in a way that worked for him. And: he got his 700+ score. A TOP NOTCH experience all around. Thank you from all of us!”

Susan, Robert and Jared Blinken

in awe

I am in awe! I now understand how our son learns and why he is having so much trouble at school. Thank you for taking the time to assimilate the information and to explain it to us.”

learned more with you

“Thank you so much for seeing Talia today. She said she learned more about fractions with you in 40 minutes than in a whole year of school. “

Ramaz School Parent

get the results they need

“I refer families to Dr. Mannis and the staff at Ivy Prep, because I am confident that my patients will receive positive reinforcement, consistent care and they will get the results they need to prepare for higher education.”

Frank Leana, Ph.D.,
Author of "The Best Private High Schools and How to Get In"

an extraordinary forum

“Thank you for providing our parents with such an extraordinary forum. The information you presented was both new to, and practical for, those struggling with their roles in the homework war.”

Former Parent Association President,
Columbia Grammar Preparatory School

excelling in all her classes

“Our daughter Natalie was diagnosed with a brain tumor 6 years ago; as a result she suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) which caused loss of peripheral vision, short memory loss and information processing issues. These effects provided significant challenges to Natalie’s education. Natalie’s oncologist recommended that we meet with Dr. Rebecca Mannis. Dr. Mannis has provided critical support in developing Natalie’s education program. She educated us and Natalie’s teachers on the effects on TBI and what modification needs Natalie requires. Dr. Mannis provided critical compensating teaching techniques that have been incorporated in Natalie’s educational program. It has been six years since our first meeting with Dr. Mannis and Natalie is now flourishing in school. She is excelling in all her classes even difficult ones like science. Natalie enjoys attending school and is rarely absent because she doesn’t want to miss it. I know if we were not introduced to Dr. Mannis we would have never known what educational support Natalie required. Also without her support during meetings with the teachers and school administrators we would not have been able to convince them to implement all of Dr. Mannis’ recommendations. Dr. Mannis’ support, educational recommendations and guidance continues be a critical part of Natalie’s continued success at school. Thank you for your professionalism, educational expertise and support.”

Joseph & Elizabeth Cozzolino,
East Northport NY.

terrific insights for parents

The professionals at the Ivy Prep Braintrust workshop gave terrific insights into children’s sleep behaviors and practical information for parents to help them ease into an effective bedtime routine.  I enjoyed the comfortable conversation moderated by Dr. Mannis surrounding this topic and the expertise offered by all of the doctors.

Dana Hiltzik,
Upper East Side Independent School Parent Leader

kind and caring, and sensitive to the needs of students and families

“I consult frequently with Dr. Rebecca Mannis whenever I have a question about educational issues or learning differences, especially their relationship to mood and self esteem. She is a brilliant diagnostician who works tirelessly to get the root of a problem and offer creative and practical solutions. She is also kind and caring, and sensitive to the needs of students and families who are encountering difficulties in the school situation or application process.”

Stephanie Newman, PhD.,
Clinical Psychologist

you set the bar for others in the field

Rebecca: I have always enjoyed/respected your work with students and partnering with you. I also admire the amazing practice you have put together- There are so many groups out there, but you set the bar for others, and you set it high!

Upper School Learning Specialist,
Rigorous Manhattan Independent School

lives up to praise bestowed her: on-target consult

Rebecca Mannis has the finest reputation as a renowned learning specialist and lives up to the praise each and every parent and teacher praise bestowed on her.   I know her as engaged, child-centric and focused on teachable moments. She assessed one of my children and worked diligently, even though it was a holiday, to help him adjust his academic patterns into well planned strategies. Ivy Prep is organized and on-target.  Although my son didn’t need extensive intervention, if he did…. Ivy Prep would be my only source of support. She is really that brilliant!

Julie Friedman, PhD

eternally grateful for amazing care

Rebecca Mannis, PhD & Ivy Prep is the ONLY educational resource our family has ever needed in the decade of advocating for my 16 yo son, who was diagnosed in Kindergarten with ADHD, and an the end of 4th grade with a Language Based Learning Disability. Dr. Mannis treats my son as if he were her own!  My husband & I are both Clinical Psychologists, who greatly appreciate the unparalleled professionalism and perfectionism, that has been delivered by Dr. Mannis throughout all of our sons’ academic placement decisions. Dr. Mannis is able to evaluate, diagnose, read between the lines and scores, and then thoroughly explain her rational and social-emotional reasoning for her outcome analysis or recommendations.  She stays focused and driven to find the best fit for my son to reach his potential, academically, socially and emotionally. We are eternally grateful for the patience, care, understanding and unique approach Dr. Mannis has utilized in caring our our son. Thank you always!

Dr. Ross,
Clinical Psychologist

inspired us to continue learning

“My husband and I have enjoyed attending Brain Trust sessions with Dr. Mannis on relevant topics such as stress management and sleep deprivation. She teams up with leading professionals and inspired us to continue learning in order to be the best parents we can be to our children ages 14, 12, 9 and 4 years old.”

David and Karen Cole

you steered us the right way

“We do not have the words to convey our gratitude to you- for your wisdom, kindness, fortitude and generosity. You steered us the right way when our son floundered due to his ADHD and Nonverbal Learning Disability when he transferred from private school to the specialized public high school. We are indebted to you.”

one of the best places to go in NY

“In my experience as a both a special education professional and school administrator, the Ivy Prep Learning Center is one of the best places to go in NY for highly specialized care, test preparation and general homework helping for gifted or challenged students”

Sarye Ludlow,
Curriculum Area Supervisor, South Burlington High School

a very productive year

“Thanks for what I believe was a very productive year. You are doing a great job!”

reports are excellent

“I thought you would be pleased to see our daughter’s mid-year grades….The reports are excellent. Thank you for your excellent work with her. We are very proud of her and want to share it with you. Thanks again for being so supportive of her!”

attribute much of her growth to your great support

“We’ve seen Dana thrive during the course of this year and we can attribute much of her growth to your great support and friendship.”

thoughtful, gentle touch

“I want you to know how much I appreciate your thoughtful, gentle touch. You are a gifted professional in an area that needs much empathy and caring. What a relief for Chris and me. I am so pleased he is in your care. You are so good for his psyche as well as his academic challenges.”

influenced our lives

“We mention you often and are continually thankful for people like you who have influenced our lives in such a positive way. Having gotten such benefits from reaching to professionals like you for guidance, I am an advocate for seeking help if you are having a problem.”

most successful year

“Thank you for the caring and attention that you gave to our Jess. She is having her most successful year thus far at school, in part due to your fine efforts. We look forward to her continued success under your guidance!”

top in your field

“How can we possibly thank you enough for all your guidance, professional advice and care that you gave to us when we needed to make such important decisions regarding our daughter? We now fully understand why you are top in your field. We can’t tell you how much it meant to us and how much we appreciate your advice.”

an extraordinary force

“Thank you for your support, encouragement, and professionalism. You have been an extraordinary force in Stephen’s life over the last 18 months, guiding him and tutoring him to great heights. All the way, you have praised him and helped him keep good self-esteem intact. We appreciate all of your wonderful help on behalf of our entire family.”

see a great improvement

“Thank you for all of your hard work with Jason. I certainly see a great improvement in his reading and writing skills. Most of all, Jason really enjoys tutoring!”

couldn’t have done it without you

“I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for all the help you gave me through the year.”

with a smile

“I used to go to school with tears and fears, but now I go with a smile.”

very productive year

“Thanks for what I believe was a very productive year. You are doing a great job!”

such a great tutor

“Thanks for being such a great tutor. I’m not a C- student anymore. I’m a B+ student. Well, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your working with me all these years.”

quite instrumental

“I was one of three to receive one prize and the only one to receive the other prize. You have been quite instrumental (certainly an understatement) in my “academic metamorphosis” and I wanted to share with you the good news of what I have been able to accomplish with your help. Thank you very much.”

Diagnosed as ADHD during Rabbinical School

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