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Ivy Prep is based in New York City and provides consultation and care worldwide. We have international experience that spans over thirty years to students across the globe. Ivy Prep students are children and adults with a wide range of backgrounds and settings. Many students are from traditional public and independent schools. We also work with students from special education schools who benefit from our enriching supplementary individualized instruction. The age range of our students represents the full developmental spectrum – preschool, primary, middle or upper school through the university and graduate school levels. Some Ivy Prep students are accomplished professionals and businesspeople who want to advance their reading and writing skills or who seek executive function, time management and organization coaching.

Many Ivy Prep students do not have specific learning problems, but they nonetheless benefit from our specific support, enrichment and strategies. Ivy Prep’s comprehensive approach to educational care provides the students with the learning advantage to succeed at schools and to prepare them for future academic and workplace goals. This system incorporates information and goals for each student, where our instructors develop a customized Road Map for Learning and an Education Action Plan for each student.

New York City boasts a range of schools representing a variety of educational philosophies; our students learn techniques that blend their specific learning profiles with a particular school’s educational approach. Similarly, we have over 25 years of experience in coaching professional adult students in how to optimize their learning styles toward specific workplace goals.

Other students are intellectually gifted yet may require guidance in developing strategies in specific areas such as organization, reading comprehension, writing, memorization, test-taking or taking classroom notes. Ivy Prep is instrumental in enhancing these skills and enabling these students to reach their fullest potential.

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