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Study PlanIt’s a new year, and if you haven’t made any resolutions yet, here’s a suggestion for one you can make and make happen: A commitment to finding and providing educational experiences that reflect who your child is. I’m with you on that; that is my daily resolution for the children with whom I work.

For that reason, Ivy Prep’s tutoring program now includes more services for homeschool instruction to meet the needs of New York’s burgeoning homeschool community.

Ivy Prep’s customized neuropsychological approach will help your child achieve goals with confidence and enjoyment, whether it’s support for a course, a full curriculum, enrichment, balancing instruction with other demands (e.g., sports, music, dance), or individualized content for students on an accelerated track. We are also expert at filling in curricular gaps in anticipation of a new school placement or due to medical attendance disruptions, and at integrating remediation for credit recovery for students enrolled in traditional schools.

As we get to know a student, we work in partnership with parents to understand his/her learning style, temperament, and any learning challenges that can be addressed through intuitive, customized instruction and strategies for long­term success. Ivy Prep has everything your child needs to advance, achieve, and arrive at his/her goals, and to do so with deeper understanding and self ­esteem.

  • Customization: Materials and approach aligned to a student’s current school or future program.
  •  Space to learn and grow: Learn at home or drop by Ivy Prep’s Learning Center at any time.
  •  Course credit and credit recovery: For students on an advanced track or who need to complete a course for school, collaboration with parents and current school administrators to optimize instruction through an accredited program.
  •  Collaboration and vision: Partnering with outside specialists, customizing effective technology, and incorporation of real­time enrichment. Ivy Prep also identifies further enrichment opportunities (individual, small group, etc.) to enhance the student’s big­picture experience.
  • Distance learning: Internet­ based instruction brings our full range of services to anywhere in the world.
  • Experience and time­tested methodology: Ivy Prep founder Dr. Rebecca Mannis has 30 years of experience in developing and providing at­-home instruction plans that match students’ learning styles and academic needs.

Call 917-495-5107 or email office@ivy­prep.com to learn more about how we can help your child grow, learn, and flourish.

Happy holidays and best wishes!

Rebecca Mannis, PhD, Learning Specialist
Ivy Prep Learning Center

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