The Adult Learner

Learning takes place across the lifespan, but learning and attention problems can also interfere with educational and professional goals when left undetected. We provide assessment and remediation for adults across all learning, home, and workplace situations.

Some of our adult students have a long-standing history of learning problems, while others have compensated with success in earlier years. These individuals may determine over the course of university education or professional development that particular learning challenges are hindering their growth.

Other adult students do not have specific disabilities, but they would like to hone particular, writing, reading, organizational, computer or memorization skills in order to advance their abilities to get an edge in a competitive workplace. Individualized instruction is customized for the individual’s learning style, and we use materials or content directly related to our students’ academic, professional, and personal goals.

We are also experienced at coaching adult students for professional exams and for entrance exams to graduate programs. We are sensitive to and expert at optimizing the successes strengths of our adult students in attaining new goals with savvy about functional requirements in the professional workplace.

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