Study Skills & Executive Functions

Success at school, in the workplace or in pursuing any goal requires more than simply learning content. It also requires the ability to track responsibilities, organize materials, manage time, and multi-task sub-steps of projects. At Ivy Prep, we teach these skills, described by cognitive psychologists as “Executive Functions”, in a systematic manner that is customized to the particular learning style of the student.

Executive functions training teaches how to break down tasks into component subparts, estimate appropriate time and materials that will be needed, self-monitor, and seek appropriate clarification at critical stages in the process. Students learn to evaluate how to apply these techniques to note-taking, writing, project management and preparing for exams.

Instructors at Ivy Prep develop, refine and reinforce strategies for organizing materials, tracking immediate and long-term goals, using electronic technology supports when appropriate, and implementing learning style – appropriate techniques to take those goals from concept to product. This methodology, when practiced over time and work situations, becomes more automatic and internalized, so that the process of approaching the goal will lead to a superior product.

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