School Placement & Advocacy

At Ivy Prep, we are experienced at teaching students from the full spectrum of independent, specialized public, special education, and boarding schools. We provide professional guidance to parents, students and school counselors in selecting mainstream or self-contained educational settings to help make the right choice. Guidance in selecting appropriate summer enrichment programs is available. We also have extensive experience in advising students and families about university and graduate school options.

We believe that the school application experience also can provide a “teachable moment” for students at all stages, from considering what elements of a particular school might suit them, to evaluating how to manage the time and project demands of school applications, to honing writing skills. At Ivy Prep, we are available to assist in using this as a process for increased self-understanding and as a means of accomplishing the goal of attaining a spot at a program where they can further develop confidence as students and as individuals.

We are available to speak with admissions officers during the application process, and we also serve as resources to the new schools in understanding the learning styles of individual students, so that they can facilitate the student’s transition to a new setting. Should students require in-school support, we assist in determining which schools can provide these services or accommodations. These services and strategies reduce stress during a critical time, and they optimize successful transitions to the new school.

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