Reading Instruction

At Ivy Prep, we consider the individual student’s learning style in planning a Targeted Reading Intervention Program. We use a neuropsychological model, along with an appreciation for a given school’s instructional methodology, to develop an individualized reading program. Our integrated approach can emphasize a phonologic, multi-sensory, literature-based or technology-based program, depending on the individual needs of a given student and the reading requirements of a given academic setting.

We particularly pride ourselves on providing integrated reading instruction, coordinating methodologies to support or supplement what a given school or outside specialist emphasizes and to ensure a coordinated experience for our students. Whether the focus of that work is emergent phonics, reading comprehension or “higher order” inferencing at the university level, we use actual school work (in addition to materials selected by our faculty) to teach reading strategies against the backdrop of actual school or work demands. Note-taking and summarizing are also keystone elements of our reading program.

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