Homework Helping

Some of our students require systematic guidance in developing greater independence at homework and study skills. These students may need support on days that they are not participating in remediation. Other students do not require direct educational remediation but do need assistance in learning how to work systematically at approaching homework and long-term assignments. They may require assistance on days that parents are not available due to professional obligations.

Homework coaching is available at the Ivy Prep Learning Center and at home, where we focus on teaching students techniques for attacking assignments and learning goals in a systematic and efficient manner.

We also provide homework helping over the weekends in a small-group program at Sunday Study Buddies ®. This Sunday drop-in program offers customized homework helping for a small group of students (maximum of 6 students per group), in our warm, supportive center, with constant on-site coaching by both science/math and humanities/reading/writing specialists.

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