Foreign Language Learning

Learning a foreign language in the classroom requires more than simply memorizing vocabulary words and definitions. Mastering the vocabulary, reading, speaking, grammar, accent, and writing demands inherent in acquiring a foreign language tap into varied facets of learning and thinking. Therefore, language, visual, attention, processing, organizational and memory difficulties can interfere with foreign language acquisition.

Our foreign language learning support extends beyond mere review of content taught at school in English. We help students master school assignments and also develop an internal sense of how they can best develop foreign language skills. This approach is based on the neuropsychological model and on the Krashen’s “Interlanguage” approach to foreign language instruction. It encourages an understanding of how individual learning styles help or hinder foreign language learning. We provide support for many languages including Latin, French, Spanish, German, and Hebrew. Since language learning takes place across years and across a variety of learning experiences, we particularly emphasize methods for transferring these strategies across those varied stages. Dr. Mannis’ expertise in foreign language learning includes Ph.D. dissertation research into foreign language acquisition and twenty years of experience customizing foreign language instrucion. Ivy Prep’s faculty uses this expertise to customize foreign language instruction for students in Tri-state area public and independent schools, we are also familiar with the range of instructional methodologies that specific programs use. We incorporate our understanding of the individual student’s learning style with the particular teaching approach of a given school in developing each foreign language student’s Road Map for Learning.

We also provide English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction to students from foreign countries, using our neuropsychological model of instruction. This individualized support model provides students with the learning tools to successfully adapt to their American schools with success and confidence. We are expert at ascertaining how to hone ESL skills development while also supporting the American curriculum content demands.

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