Educational Developmental Testing

Dr. Mannis, a learning specialist with extensive experience and expertise in educational neuropsychology, provides evaluations that focus on both assessing individual learning styles and using that information to develop a Road Map for Learning and a targeted remediation Education Action Plan. Specific curricular, school placement and supplementary educational software recommendations are provided.

An experienced evaluator with over twenty years of testing experience, Dr. Mannis is available to administer and interpret developmental tests with a particular eye toward the educational needs of high functioning children and adults in demanding educational and workplace settings. She is also available to provide educational and placement recommendations for testing already conducted by other professionals.

She also provides guidance about materials and educational technology that will optimize a given learning style. Analysis also includes integration of medical and other allied health evaluations with findings of the evaluation. She is also available as an ongoing resource for parents and schools to assist in integrating her findings at home and at school.

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