SAT I, SAT II, & Advanced Placement (AP) Test-Taking Strategies

Ivy Prep’s philosophy of teaching the student according to his or her individual style provides our students with an advantage over other test prepping services. Our faculty, experienced educators and content experts, focus their expertise beyond mastery of content toward helping students develop strategies that best fit their learning styles. This enables the student to improve test scores and to better understand how a particular learning style dictates specific methods that will work best for the individual student.

A student with visual strengths is taught to approach an SAT I math problem in a very different manner than one that suits the student with natural strengths in verbalization. We use preparing for the SAT I and SAT II subject tests (as well as AP tests) as the backdrop for helping adolescents understands themselves as learners. We believe that this self-understanding (also knows as “metacognitive awareness”), together with customized strategies will help them extend them to university learning, thus enabling students to work with greater success and independence.

Our faculty’s style of individualized instruction leads to more than just improved standardized test scores. We give our students the edge they can then apply as they are required to work with greater independence as university students.

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