Executive Function Coaching

We believe that achieving school and professional goals requires strong skills, mastery of particular subject matter and the ability to juggle a wide range of demands. These “Executive Functions” are a hallmark difficulty among individuals with organization and attention problems.

Whether a person wants to increase efficiency or has been diagnosed as Attention Deficit Disordered (ADD), Ivy Prep provides coaching to address these organization goals with an appreciation for specific systems or expectations at a given school or specific work environment. We teach our students how to recognize their innate work styles and how to break down their methods of attacking projects for optimal success and efficiency. Toward that goal, we coach students about time management, daily planning, to-do lists, organization of materials, and how to coordinate projects with others (whether teachers, classmates or parents) for the best possible outcome. We evaluate which paper-and-pencil or technology-based methods and materials are indicated, and we develop comprehensive, straightforward plans for off-site reinforcement.

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