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What Students say about Ivy Prep
What Parents say about Ivy Prep
What Professionals say about Ivy Prep

What Students say about Ivy Prep:
“I was one of three to receive one prize and the only one to receive the other prize. You have been quite instrumental (certainly an understatement) in my “academic metamorphosis” and I wanted to share with you the good news of what I have been able to accomplish with your help. Thank you very much.”

“Thanks for being such a great tutor. I’m not a C- student anymore. I’m a B+ student. Well, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your working with me all these years.”

“Thanks for teaching me Rebecca. I like playing games and learning.”

“Thanks for what I believe was a very productive year. You are doing a great job!”

“I used to go to school with tears and fears, but now I go with a smile.”

“I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you for all the help you gave me through the year.”

What Parents say about Ivy Prep:
“Thank you for all of your hard work with Jason. I certainly see a great improvement in his reading and writing skills. Most of all, Jason really enjoys tutoring!”

“Thank you for your support, encouragement, and professionalism. You have been an extraordinary force in Stephen’s life over the last 18 months, guiding him and tutoring him to great heights. All the way, you have praised him and helped him keep good self-esteem intact. We appreciate all of your wonderful help on behalf of our entire family.”

“How can we possible thank you enough for all your guidance, professional advice and caring that you gave to us when we needed to make such important decisions regarding our daughter? We now fully understand why you are top in your field. We can’t tell you how much it meant to us and how much we appreciate your advice.”

“I am in awe! I now understand how our son learns and why he is having so much trouble at school. Thank you for taking the time to assimilate the information and to explain it to us.”

“Thank you for the caring and attention that you gave to our Jess. She is having her most successful year thus far at school, in part due to your fine efforts. We look forward to her continued success under your guidance!”

“We mention you often and are continually thankful for people like you who have influenced our lives in such a positive way. Having gotten such benefits from reaching to professionals like you for guidance, I am an advocate for seeking help if you are having a problem.”

“I want you to know how much I appreciate your thoughtful, gentle touch. You are a gifted professional in an area that needs much empathy and caring. What a relief for Chris and me. I am so pleased he is in your care. You are so good for his psyche as well as his academic challenges.”

“Thank you so much for seeing Talia today. She said she learned more about fractions with you in 40 minutes than in a whole year of school. “

“We’ve seen Dana thrive during the course of this year and we can attribute much of her growth to your great support and friendship.”

“I thought you would be pleased to see our daughter’s mid-year grades….The reports are excellent. Thank you for your excellent work with her. We are very proud of her and want to share it with you. Thanks again for being so supportive of her!”

“Thanks for what I believe was a very productive year. You are doing a great job!”

What Professionals say about Ivy Prep:
Frank Leana, Ph.D., Author of "The Best Private High Schools and How to Get In":
“I refer families to Dr. Mannis and the staff at Ivy Prep, because I am confident that my patients will receive positive reinforcement, consistent care and they will get the results they need to prepare for higher education.”

Parent Association President, Manhattan Independent School:
“Thank you for providing our parents with such an extraordinary forum. The information you presented was both new to, and practical for, those struggling with their roles in the homework war.”

Robin Forman, Child Neuropsychologist:
“I refer students to Dr. Mannis and the Ivy Prep Learning Center because I know that they will receive individualized, targeted, goal-oriented remediation based on their cognitive and learning profiles. Dr. Mannis is an unusually talented, multifaceted learning specialist who uses her overlapping areas of expertise - child development, cognition and remediation, to design and implement highly effective remediation plans for her students”.

Sarye Ludlow, Learning Specialist, The Churchill School:
“In my experience as a both a special education professional and school administrator, the Ivy Prep Learning Center is one of the best places to go in NY for highly specialized care, test preparation and general homework helping for gifted or challenged students”.



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